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With the joy and freedom of driving comes the responsibility of not only you and your passengers, but those driving around you as well. Nobody's a perfect driver, and even if you are as careful as you can be, you may still get into accidents. When that happens, make sure you have good coverage with custom auto insurance from and agent like Nick. 
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Personal Auto Insurance

In the United States you are required by law to have auto insurance if you drive a vehicle. Getting caught and penalized for not having auto insurance is not worth saving a small chunk of change.  Quotes are free and it may be more affordable than you think.  

Commercial Auto Insurance

Protecting your business from the perils of business on the road is no simple matter. The team at Strong Insurance can help keep your business insurance in the ship shape year after year.  It's not just the business you're protecting it's every reason that business exists and the people that depend on it running smoothly every day.

Protect Yourself

Just because you're a good driver doesn't mean others are. What happens when someone hits you and they're uninsured? It is a policy of this agency to provide uninsured and under-insured motorist insurance on every auto policy EVERY TIME . This is in line with our agency's mission to always protect our clients.

A part of protecting yourself is knowing your risks.  Is your monthly bill at risk of increasing and how long will that increase last?  You need to know who is on your policy.  It's your insurance history (5 years) even if it's their wreck.  The good news is that we can help before an accident happens.   

Bundle Bundle Bundle

If your home and auto is not currently bundled, you could be wasting a lot of money.  Let us give you a free review to ensure your getting every discount you deserve.

With auto insurance, you can get additional discounts for certain things, such as being a good driver for a number of years, staying with the policy for a number of years, even for getting good grades.
An agent assisting a client with a custom auto insurance plan in Lexington, KY

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